salt made... salt lake city made things. the logo is the shape of utah. that's all you really need to know right? what the name and logo mean?

although today we design and fabricate fwc and camp accessories; we like to think this company is our conduit for our real purpose. we think:
  • what you do should have purpose.
    • we think everyone has the opportunity to put purpose in their work. and that if everyone did, the world would be a better place.
  • form and function should be one.
    • there are things that are pretty. and there are things that work well. there are also things that just won't die or have life a lot longer than they should (like plastic bags or straws). rarely are the three combined - but really they should always be one.
  • take pride in your convictions.
    • billy baldwin said, "be faithful to your own taste, because nothing you really like is ever out of style." stuff you love is repaired, refurbished, and handed-down. we think it's worth making a point in today's consumerism to have conviction in your purchases. vote with your dollar and buy only things you love. which is hopefully a lot fewer things altogether.
here's how we think we're living out our own convictions:
  • one of the biggest influences on our community as a company is who we chose to do business with.
    • we source all of our raw materials from local companies that buy from usa manufacturers. if it's remotely feasible, we keep it local. even if it's more expensive.
    • we subcontract out the work we can't perform to companies that gainfully employ people in our community. small, locally owned is a must. a company with similar values to ours is a bonus. again, even if it's more expensive.
  • we design, install, and fabricate only what we think:
    • will stand the test of time. not only in usability and durability - but in aesthetics. reality is people follow trends and we hope what we're doing is more-or-less timeless.
    • are best given our professional experience, ongoing education, and individual project restraints.
  • we won't compromise where we think it matters most.
    • we think part of the value we have to add is to draw a line in the sand when we think things are being done incorrectly. we aren't the people that blindly follow directions and there's a fair amount of things we altogether just won't do. period.