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Home Exterior Remodel Planning

Home Exterior Remodel Planning

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this if for those who are in the planning and budgeting stage of their remodel. likely something more involved than a fresh coat of paint. you're considering new siding, demo, and/or adding or subtracting some windows.

in addition to consultation and a 3D model of your home - we'll help customize and obtain a final model and plan that matches your mind's eye. at the end, you'll be in the best place possible to have an exact plan to obtain apples-to-apples quotes from the contractors of your choice. maybe we're in that group, maybe we're not. yes, that's right, this is an a la carte, no pressure item. here are the details:

  • Hover 3D model of your home to help you visualize changes
    • option to convert your model to SketchUp for a truly customized outcome
  • complete measurements needed to complete the project yourself or get apples-to-apples bids
  • guidance from a licensed and seasoned architect and contractor duo*
  • suggestions on the pros and cons of different products available*
  • advice on design, materials, colors, and finishes*
  • ranges and ideas on what to budget for the changes discussed*

and of course, you have the option to put this purchase towards an upgrade to our construction management package.

*up to twelve hours combined. can be completed remotely.